Try to destroy as many dinosaurs as you can (More than 50% of the population to advance to the next level). Remember that you have a limited amount of meteorites.

Use arrow keys to rotate the view.
Space key to drop a meteorite.
Pres N key to restart the world

Created for Weekly Game Jam - Week 62
Theme: 'Play the Villain'
Thanks for playing


"The Descent" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Made withUnity
Tags3D, Asteroids, Dinosaurs


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This was an interesting experience. I liked dropping the meteors and seeing them rotate with the planet until they crashed.

Random idea: you could have volcanoes that meteors can hit and players must wait until dinos are close to a volcano and drop a meteor in order to make it explode.

This is a great start and very visually pleasing!

there should be a more punishing consequence for not killing enough dinosaurs than just having to restart the level, because the game is more reaction based than puzzly, and you're not really learning a unique mechanic from each level.

That is absolutely true, I must improve many things for the progression of the game, thanks for the feedback.

Good work on a nice little 3d game! I thought it was fun, although the latency between setting the meteor, it hitting, and then the blast radius was a little tricky - but added to the challenge of the game, as I had to line up the impact precisely! I didn't get too far haha 

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will improve the coordination between both (latency, blast speed) in future updates.

Really like the music.  It is fun to drop the meteor, but seems like it would have some effect on the world besides destroying trees.  What determines if I progress in a level?

The goal is to destroy as many dinosaurs as you can (More than 50% of the population to advance to the next level). As an additional difficulty you have a limited number of meteorites.

I was wondering that, thanks. I think I got to six meteors, pretty tough.